And Now It’s Goodbye it’s Goodbye For Us..

Yeh main hoon. Yeh WordPress hai. Yeh Blogosphere hai. Aur yahan....... You have read the title....I am sad and I think you would be sad/crying(no not crying why would you cry for me?)...But its true I am leaving WordPress But.... As my fate takes a twist everytime in my Story-Times....there is a twist here too...… Continue reading And Now It’s Goodbye it’s Goodbye For Us..

That Not So Romantic Proposal!!-(StoryTime)

Ahoy-hoy!! Guys you know who won the I should not be talking about that and here's the results: Before I start...let's create a romantic atmosphere...Some bollywood music please!!!: Okay,okay...Now I am stopping I won't sprinkle more salt on the wounds of single people(including me)Okay guys,without ado let's get on the… Continue reading That Not So Romantic Proposal!!-(StoryTime)

When You Try To Play Holi In Behen-Ji’s Terror (School Diaries #2)

Ahoy-hoy!! I only demanded for 25+ likes and you guys gave 73+ likes to the first part of School Diaries which is That One School Friend Everyone Has/Had so I had to post this part...I was really-really excited for this StoryTime and here it is finally!!.. Note:It is just a joke and I by no… Continue reading When You Try To Play Holi In Behen-Ji’s Terror (School Diaries #2)

100 + Followers Jalsa!!!

Ahoy-hoy!! Finally the day has come..when we willl celebrate 100+ follows!!I know I am very very late in making this post..(now this blog has 155+ followers) but let's consider it to be 100 only and let's begin the party!!! First of all I want to thank all of you for supporting me since the start!!!...that's… Continue reading 100 + Followers Jalsa!!!

Answering Weird Questions About Indians On Google!!

Ahoy-hoy!! It has been soooo long since I posted...I really missed blogging and now I am back!!regular posts will be there I promise!! Do watch all the videos,gifs and other things in the website for the best viewing experience!! You guys showed a lot of love and gave 62+ likes to my post Answering Weird… Continue reading Answering Weird Questions About Indians On Google!!

The ‘Despacito Wave’ In My Life(Storytime)

Ahoy-hoy!! You guys have given 20+ likes on Mystery Blogger Award #1 and Peer Pressure Tag #1!! so I had to keep my promise.Here's the storytime post: The 'Despacito Wave' In My Life Once a upon a time there lived a girl named Ananya who was x years old(Hey!!It sounds more like a fairy tale...retake)Yes...We… Continue reading The ‘Despacito Wave’ In My Life(Storytime)

Some Important Announcements Which Are Needed To Be Announced

Ahoy-hoy!! I know that this post was supposed to come on Monday but some announcements were required to be made so I thought of dedicating a whole post for them!! #1.I am now on Wattapad!! Yes,you read it right now I am on Wattapad!! Username :- Ananya Sharma672 Link for the same:- #2.My New… Continue reading Some Important Announcements Which Are Needed To Be Announced

Tags/Awards for January + Surprise!!

Ahoy-hoy!! Finally I am doing an 'award post'.I thought of suming them all up as there were many,many.I am really sorry for doing this post so late.Now onwards I plan to take up all the tags and awards for the month at the end of the month and so on...Please be till the end as… Continue reading Tags/Awards for January + Surprise!!

Answering Weird Searches About Bloggers!!

Ahoy-hoy!! I got this amazing idea from Riddhi@Whispering Stories's post....kudos to her and I modified it a bit and made it 'bloggers' from 'readers'... Hope you guys would like this post!!Let's start answering!! #1. Why Bloggers Fail? I did not get that question in what do bloggers fail?Academics,sports,financially etc.As the question is half,I would… Continue reading Answering Weird Searches About Bloggers!!

Creativity wins Contest-By Anushka

Anushka stories

Hey all!! I got some exciting news for you all and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. So I decided to host a 1 month competition with you all. Well this is going to be really fun!! And I know you would love doing it. Now let’s come to the rules of this competition.


  • Reblog this post on your blog with the title Creativity Wins(Or any other)If you reblog this post you get 2 points already.
  • You have to score the maxium points to win this contest. The one with the lowest points will be eliminated. There will be 2 challenges.
  • I’ll be giving you very fun topics to write on every week. You will either write a poem or story it’s upto the challenge I give
  • Even if you don’t have a blog you can still participate.
  • I will be judging your entries and I…

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