Starting Weave Day!(Weave Day #1)


Today I am going to start ‘Weave Wednesdays’!!Let me quickly what it is all about.

What is Weave Day?

Every Monday,I will be sharing with you guys a part of a self composed story by me.If the story is long then it may take a few more Wednesdays.I am really excited so let’s begin without any further dues!!

The Sudden Misfortune

Steve lay in the hospital bed crying.The television on the wall showed an IPL match in progress.Steve should have been playing it but for his fractured arm.It so happened that a few days before,Steve and his best friends Paul and Sean decided to go on a road trip to Lonavala.It had been a while since they went on any vacation.They packed all their stuff and drove to Lonavala.As it was getting darker,Steve asked his friends to rest in a nearby motel for the night and start their trip again in the morning.They found a motel and went to check in.As soon as they entered the motel,people started crowding them.They were Steve’s fans,who got to know about their Lonavala trip.They wanted a selfie with Steve and his autographs.The crowd was getting out of control.Paul and Sean were pushed at the side by the crowd who wanted Steve.After that,the security came into play and ceased the crowd.On seeing this Paul and Sean felt like they were left out.This feeling increased when Steve was favored by the staff.Steve’s room was filled with gifts whereas,Paul and Steve’s rooms had none.They more or less started envying his fame.Steve could not hang out with them cause he was surrounded by fans all the time.Paul and Sean were very angry at Steve’s attitude and his ignorance towards them.They ultimately decide to teach Steve a lesson that he will remember for life…..

I will stop here and would like you to guess what will happen next.Do not forget to like this post and follow my blog!!

I will see you soon with another fun post…

Au revoir!!

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