Starting School Diaries(Storytime)+Announcements!!


I am really excited to start ‘School Diaries’.This is gonna something very fun and interesting!!

What is ‘School Diaries’?

School Diaries is a series of storytimes which will be related to each other by one thing-School!Let’s see how it goes on.One part will be up once a month(cause I need to recall the incidents too )

Let’s start with the very first storytime of the series:

That One School Friend Everyone Has/Had

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Ananya..(Hey!It sounds more like a fairytale,retake)This incident took place 2-3 months ago, Our Maths teacher keeps a test on a specific day after completing a chapter.The test includes a google form and a subjective test.This time ma’am kept it at 1PM.My friend whom I will call ‘Rinkia’ for the sake of this post (She is not the Rinkia from ‘Rinkia Ke Papa‘..🀣🀣) texts me to help her with the test.I was very kind-hearted and agreed.The test began (Note:The teacher was not invigilating us which made it easier for students to cheat)I first attempted the google form and sent the screenshots of my responses to Rinkia.She filled the chats with ‘Thank Yous’ which became annoying.After attempting the subjective test I sent the PDF to her.Again she filled the chat with ‘Thank Yous’ but I ignored that.Almost after a week ma’am said during the zoom class that she has checked every child’s answer sheet but she found two ‘girls’ having ditto same answer sheets and those two girls will get a zero if they do not confess!!That frightened me.I had done the test without any unfair means and did not want my hardwork to be wasted.I was very scared and thought of talking about it to Rinkia.I texted her but she did not see the messages.This made me furious at her.First of all she submitted the same pdf and second she is not responding.I finally confessed that I had forwarded Rinkia my answer sheet.The teacher replied that it is ok dear,do not repeat that again.I finally sighed with relief.5 hours later Rinkia texts me and asks me what to do.I told her to confess to the teacher that I had forwarded my answer sheet to her.She replied asking why.I got very furious and I reminded her what had happened a week ago and asked her to eat almonds.She finally confessed and I felt better. The next Day I asked her about her marks.

“How much did you score?” I asked


“How is that possible?I got 10/10 and we had the same answer sheet!!”

“I did not do the last part of the question as I thought it was doodling”

“My working looks like doodling!!what!?”

But wait a second…if she had not done the last part that means we do not have the same PDF!!.but why did not she tell me that before!?

After that I never helped her again with any other test.I do not regret confessing cause I actually did that.


1.If you have such a friend please do not rely on his/her messages.Call that person up!🀣

2.Do not cheat(I am not promoting that in my post)

Some Announcements:

1.If this post gets 25 likes then I will make a part 2 of this series next month!!

2.Next Monday will not be a Weave Day it will be something which I have never done before on this blog!!

3.You guys have given 20+ likes (34 currently) on the Mystery Blogger Award and Peer Pressure Tag post so as promised the Despacito-related post will be up pretty soon!!

4.Guys I am delighted to inform you all that we are now a 30+ family(currently 37)!!Thank you so much for all the love and support you have been showing to me and this blog and I hope that will continue in the coming future!!

5.Thanks once again for 100+ likes!!I am nothing without you all!!Love you all to the moon and back!!

Thank you so so so much!!

6.Now onwards I will be posting on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Indian Standard Time(click here to covert it to your time zone) .Do set an alarm and be ready for my posts!!

See you next Monday with something fun!!


81 thoughts on “Starting School Diaries(Storytime)+Announcements!!

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  1. Wow. You guys don’t know how to cheatπŸ˜‚ you should make your answers look different, if you know what I mean. Or she could have just googled the answers 😁( just a small advice from an expert cheater)

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Umm can u gimme a few tips too ? I have always been that girl who complains to d teacher , when someone else cheats bt since last year i even thought y not ? Now I m not goo at it ……! Teachers start staring at me whenever m about to do something

      Online I google or ask my frnds
      Bt offline 🀧

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I think I am, I’ll be 17 the day after so…yeah..class 8 was easy… but that didn’t stop me from cheating πŸ˜‰ I cheated from class 6 all thanks to my classmates


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