Here I come kickin’ the door,uh~~

Last time Lose You To Love Me…this time let’s kill this love!


Translation:Won’t you welcome me/us?

Guys I am back!!!!!!!Sorry for the violent entry but yeah I am back!!!!

I missed blogging and you guys a lot….I know you did not miss me but that’s fine…. 🙂

A Few Life Updates:

1.From 1st March I have been going on dates with my…..books of course(no onr else ok!) and now my exams are over and I will continue my work of content creation!(Remember that vow?)

Translation: Don’t teach your dad

2.I will resume my Spanish lessons on Duolingo…I have not practised anything since February and now I plan to continue learning.(I did not tell you right?I am sorry I have a terrible memory..It’s so terrible that I even forget what I was doing or why I am standing here)..I plan to make some posts related to Spanish what do you guys think?lemme know in the comments!

3.I will finally be travelling!!!!!!!!(After 1 year because of Covid-19) I will be travelling a lot during the next 3-4 months and I plan to make a few blog vlogs(if they exist) Again,lemme know in the comments if you want to see some blog vlogs!!

4.My birthday is coming!!!!(Ok I should not have included this in this list but I don’t know I hype my birthday a lot and I start planning for it 2 months ago and I know I have poor rambling skills) My birthday is on 7th May and don’t worry I will keep mentioning it in my posts cause I love my birthday and I love my myself and I love my friends and family and I love my…

5.Thank you so much guys for nominating me for so many tags and awards and I will do them soon(TBH I am feeling really lazy…but I will do them pretty soon)

6.I am getting very nice ideas in my brain and I will introduce them to you very soon…so stay calm and tuned!

7.Now my exams are over and I will be listening to music,reading books(my TBR has been loaded with lots of books and I need to read them!) solving next grade’s Maths and studying for the next grade for sometime only and of course blogging!

Yeah I know after reading “solving next grade’s Maths and studying for the next grade” you be like:

8.I am now open for collabs and guest posts!!!!If you wanna Guest Post for me or Collab with me then make sure to send me a sweet ‘Hello’ and contact me via my contact page or send a email on

9.I did not hear much music during my hiatus because of EXAMS (My main hiatus was on 13th and 14th lol) but I did listen to Rosé’s Solo Album ‘R’…both the songs were amazing especially GONE hits really different and also Selena Gomez’s EP ‘Revelación’…all the tracks are super cool and beautiful but my favourites are Baila Conmigo,Selfish Love and Des Una Vez…which ones are your favourites?lemme know down below!

I know I have used a lot of GIFs but I like it!!!

With that said,Let’s end here and I will come kickin’ the door(Lol) on Wednesday with a Weave Wednesday!

And yes a new sign-off for my blog!!!

You like the sign-off?Gee thanks just made it!

58 thoughts on “Here I come kickin’ the door,uh~~

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  1. Welcome back Sitah!❤️ Missed you!!! I’m so depressed today. BTS didn’t win. It’s ok that they didn’t win, but f**king GRAMMY took advantage of them. If I ever meet them, I’ll kick their ass!!!!👿👿🤬

    Liked by 4 people

      1. I don’t care about their win!!!! Do you even know they USED BTS, for getting more ***king views? Who wants Grammy? I only wanted it for them because they wanted it so much. It was their dream.

        Liked by 3 people

      2. That’s true….they used BTS for just popularity and promotion….it was their dream of course and it will get fulfilled soon…FIGHTING…but what GRAMMYs did completely disappointed me…they deserve better….Dynamite is such a good track-full of hope,love and deserved a GRAMMY…but anyways what can we do now….WE WERE/ARE/WILL SUPPORT BTS!

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  2. Omggggggg🤩🤩!! I’ve been waiting for this for so long and then I came late😅! Sorry!
    So glad you’re back gurll I missed you so,so,so,so,so,so much😭! I thought time would fly but the 15th took it’s own time to come. How are you doing?!
    So glad you’re back❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No probs gurll….I am happy that you came…late or early does not matter!
      Awww thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!
      Yeah true that…I am doing great thanks for asking!I hope everything is amazing on your side too ❤
      Thanks once again!!


  3. Hey! Welcome back Ananya!❤️ I’m sorry I didn’t welcome you properly before (because I was very upset, as you know🥺) Anyways, I missed you💜 and your posts especially the posts about you and the fun u had or something😝😆( I don’t really remember what you had named those series😅😂) I’m waiting for more🤓!! Also, welcome back❕(Ik, again) I missed you a lot Sistah!( I’m not liking this sistah word nowadays 🤦🤷)
    Anyways, welcome back!!! (Ik, it’s like for the 3rd time I’m telling you this🤭 I’ve gone crazy🤪😛 for sure) Anyways, welcome back! (Ik, ik! I’ll stop here!!🤣🥳)
    Your Crazy sister (or something, idc!🤣🎉)
    Crazy crazy carezy….CA-REEE-ZEEEE💯!!❗❗
    Q: Why am I using so many emojis??? 🤔🤔
    A: You are CRAZY Pannaga 🙄! That’s why 🤯! Enough, press send already!!!🦠
    ( Why did I use this🦠 emoji? 🤷🤦)
    Bye for now!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No problem unnie…I have been through it many times and I know how it feels like….Aww thank you so so so much!!!!!Those are StoryTimes right?I am drafting many more fun incidents and I believe they will be up soon so stay tuned!Thanks!!!!!Haha no problem if you say that even a 100 times….Ok then let’s change Sistah to’s that?…..Thanks!!….Thanks once more lol….Crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(I could really feel the waves~~)
      That bacteria emoji LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Welcome Back! ❤️And even I loved the new EP by Selena Gomez! I just hope she doesn’t retire as she said 😢 like I’m not her fan, I like her, but yeah I’m not a fan, but still her music is nice

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Gosh, I’m truly honoured you’ve chosen to follow my blog. I’ll be checking in on you as well to see what you’re up to. So glad you are learning so much. Life is a process of learning that doesn’t end until the journey is over — and it is an exciting trip.


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