Let’s Gify-cate Things – Collab with Poorwa

Ahoy-hoy people!!

I am really excited for today’s post as it is my first ever “collab” with a blogger in this vast blogosphere(I would love to collab you guys as well!!…If you wanna collab with me then check out my Contact Me page and contact me!!)Today I am collabing with none other than—-Poorwa@Poorwa’s Blog!!Don’t forget to check out her blog where she talks about any and evertything and follow her blog (You will have no regrets~~)

Lemme tell you what we are going to do(I know I am not good at explaining things but I hope you get 0.1% of it atleast)

I and Poorwa gave each other some prompts (better say situations) and we have to choose the Gif which fits perfectly with that situation and Gify-cate it…Without further ado let’s begin gify-cating things!!

#1.When someone ignores you

Perfect~~~Now next one!!

#2. When someone asks “what’s up”

I am a very talkative person and I can talk for hours with someone and just talk,talk,talk and TALK

#3. When someone you hate appears in your dream

This GIF is 101% perfect!!!….I would leave at person in the rasoda with Kokila Ben(Not Ben 10 ben…Gujarati ‘Ben’ which means ‘Sister’) and in the kitchen they will play KBC:

Kokilaben's 'Rasode Me Kaun Tha?' Funny Memes And Jokes Are Here To Stay! |  रसोड़े में कौन था? इसका जवाब लोगों ने अपने स्टाइल में दे दिया है! - Funny  Photos | नवभारत टाइम्स
LOL…sorry but I am lazy to translate

#4.When someone calls you “baccha”

Translation:Hey Idiot!

Champak Chacha OP!!!!Lemme know who all watch TMKOC(I do~~)

#5.When your best friend forgets your birthday

Tiger Arhaan Seeing UmRa ship on twitter | Bigg Boss 13
Translation:My life has been spoiled

#6. When someone judges you unfairly

#7.When you don’t get reply soon when you really need


Translation:Hey speak quickly we have to leave for Panvel tomorrow morning

Golmaal Gifs are always cool~~~TBH I don’t have much patience(Patience ERROR) and if the person takes too much time then I go offline in frustation or TRUSTATION(Yeah I am looking at you ARMYs)

#8. When someone copies you

#9. When mean classmates asks you to show them your homework

Translation:I will not show!

I am not scared of anyone….mess with me and I will teach you a very good lesson…very good lesson will not leave them easily…

Hey!I am not acting..but I never mess with mean classmates and I show them my work kyuki apna kya jaa raha hai?

#10. When your favorite song is played somewhere

Modiji joins Bollywood in making this post LIT Translation:Woah!What a scene!

The lesson we learn from today’s post is:

Bollywood Gifs are OP and LIT!!

All thanks to Poorwa@Poorwa’s Blog for giving me such fun prompts and doing this collab with me!!

Don’t forget to check out Poorwa’s Post where she Giphy-cates the situations given by me!

Let’s meet on Monday with another post(guess which one?)

Michael Cohen's Mysterious Third Client is Sean Hannity | ResetEra
When I said (guess which one) you be like:

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  1. Awesome collab you guys!!!! I laughed and laughed and laughed and well, laughed!!!!That gif is from sath nibhana sathiya or something right?

    Liked by 1 person

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