Corona Ain’t Gone!


This post is something which I have never done before…This is something real serious and I want you all to be there with me till the end.

Corona cases are increasing rapidly again..In India 1,15,736 or 115,736 case have been reported today and if we turn back and look at the cases which were reported last month i.e. 7 March 2021 were 18,599..yesterday in Delhi there was a Night Curfew from 10pm to 5am and in Maharashtra in India , the government announced a partial lockdown from 8pm on Monday till the end of the month, with complete shutdowns on weekends, stricter night curfew and prohibition of assembly of more than five people during day time. As part of the lockdown, the state has ordered shops and establishments dealing in non-essential commodities, restaurants, eateries, malls, theatres, multiplexes and religious places to close..What’s the reson behind all of this?Even though the world’s largest vaccination drive is running in India,why so many cases all of a sudden?

It’s because we have stopped taking precautions.

When I went to Bihar on 22nd March,I saw barely 3% of the population wearing masks and maintaining distance…rest everyone was like “Corona is gone”…It felt like I am in some other world were there’s no corona,no mask,no social distancing…The government is spreading awareness through many mediums and even the callertunes inform about the Covid situation..Though the vaccination drive is running,it’s neccessary for each one of us to follow all the safety measures issued by the state and central governments..We have to do this not just for us,for all the people for whom we care.Since,an year Covid has been in our lives and has lead to losses to the country,government,world and education.Many people have lost there near ones because of Covid.In some places in the world,the situation is so worse that there are no more places left in graveyards and people are not able to bid the last good-bye to their family..2.87 million people have lost their battle against this virus and this is not good at all…

What can we do to bring this to an end?

We have to follow all the safety guidelines such as wearing masks,maintaining a 6-feet distance with people when you are out and washing hands frequently…These are some easy steps which can save lives…Corona ain’t gone,it was there all the time and when we started taking it lightly,it got unstoppable…Also,don’t spread rumours and don’t believe in them…only believe in words of the Health Ministry and certified institutions..

A wanted to spread awareness to the 320 people who follow this blog what’s happening around while we are staying in the fantasy where corona is gone…Share the word to more people and tell them to give it to more and like this united,WE CAN SURELY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Thank you.

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  1. I live in the uae and our cases have gone done a lot and our deaths have gone done and we have upped vaccinations (2nd in the world for vaccinating) and life is slowly going back to normal for us. But, I do understand in other countries. We can make a difference, great post Ananya!!

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  2. This is absolutely correct! I also think that the only reason why these cases r rising are because of our carelessness and stupidity. People now think themselves as people who can do anything but thats not it. This isn’t gone and it wont go so soon. The othr day i asked my mother on why the cases r rising so much why does god want all of this to happen. She replied saying one thing only and that is, we humans aren’t learning the lesson of taking things seriously and that is why it is happenng. I saw a meme on the internet it showed that the covid wave is being compared to the waves of the ocean it shows us human standing in front of the wave (the first wave of covid). Then the second wave shows ppl running away but a few with surf boards. and the last which ppl r assuming to be the current wave, ppl were surfing. This is a concern and people shud take precautions during this time. Be safe to whoever is reading this and dont forget to check out my site
    Thanks πŸ™‚

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  3. Great post Ananya! Thank you for reminding us that we are not corona free yet. πŸ€ We should keep all the precautions. 😊 Me and my family had the virus last year and we’re still dealing with the side effects.

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  4. Exactly! You know I was happy when my school opened but I started to hate it because of the students. I felt like, am I the only one who knows that Corona isn’t gone yet. I even absent school for a few days because of my classmates who had problem that I’m taking care of my and my friends’ safety. They say, you think I have Corona? I mean really?? I’m glad that my school got closed again. And hope that it only starts back when the situation comes in control.

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  5. I read that somewhere in Mathura, people were literally violating social distancing in a temple for some ladoos offered by the priests, and people went gaga over them. Guess what their response was? “There’s no Corona here!”. I was absolutely shocked on reading that. I mean, how could people be so ignorant about the situation?

    Thanks for spreading the awareness! It’s really the need of the hour.

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    1. Lol…India’s facing another phase of this virus….while I still see people haven’t understood it here
      look at this image….it’s so horrifying to see people violate covid protocols like this

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  6. Ananya, thank you for posting this! ❀ I was in a business a couple of days ago where people, including employees, were unmasked! It made me very uncomfortable, even though I have gotten my first shot and was wearing a mask. There are selfish fools in every country, it seems! Take care.

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  7. Great post. Yes, people have indeed thrown caution to the winds, and not only in Bihar, but all over India. The situation is pretty bad in UP as well, Its been a month since you posted this, and if it looked scary then, just imagine what it feels like now, when cases and deaths have all shot up four times, officially. Unofficially, no one can even begin to fathom what it feels like. It is at that stage where corona not only is invading our bodies, it has completely taken over our mindspace. It is everywhere. The psychological impact is going to be huge, even bigger than the body count.

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