Seven Words Story #1+A bit future planning?


I have been seeing the Seven Words Story trend all over the web and I really like these stories as they say a lot just in a few words…So here I am trying my luck and writing a Seven Word Story and I hope you enjoy!!!

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She was always ready for the consequences.


In my previous post,I asked you guys to guess who Akki is and the person who got it right is…….

Poorwa@Poorwa’s Blog (Don’t forget to check out her blog if you have not yet)

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Congrats to her and others who got it right as well!!!Oh I forgot..Akki is Akriti@Recipe Of life!!!(Check out her blog as well!!)

A bit future planning?

I have seen a lot of bloggers doing the first impression thing so I thought why not do first impression for celebrating 400+ follows(We are currently 362+ and I guess we will reach that milestone soon..maybe next week,next day,next month,next year,next decade…okay okay I need to stop)

I want you guys to give your first impression when you first met me in the blogosphere and what do you think of me now…I won’t take any offense even if you say that you thought I am immature or boring etc. etc…so I want your honest first impression and current impression of me..I will react to them after we hit 400+ follows!!

Hoping to see your first impressions and current impressions and your views on my story…Was the story good?Let’s continue in the comments!

Here I am signing off again,

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41 thoughts on “Seven Words Story #1+A bit future planning?

Add yours

  1. Are you sure you’ve been seeing seven word stories? I mean the thing that is popular is six word story, you might have seen that in other blogs….I wanted to do them so I gave the thing a twist….but if you really have seen seven word stories somewhere other than my blog, do send me the links!
    About the first impressions (I already apologize for what I’m going to say😂 but I’m being honest)
    My first impression on you was that you are an attitude-ish girl 🤐🤐🙈🙈, yes, forgive me, but that was what I thought! I also thought that you were kinda of a strict person because I remember I commented about a Selena Gomez song with a lot these emojis (😂😂) saying that is my favourite song and you replied like ‘Yes I know’. Yes it doesn’t seem like strict to me now but that time it did. 🙈🙈

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    1. Oh gosh…I am sorry I got confused between 6 and 7 I am so sorry..😅😅.I hope you are okay if I write 7 word stories cause you are the founder?..
      Thanks for the impression and no need to apologize 😊..I don’t mind at all ❤
      And yeah one more think….was your username 'Dwinessa' before on WP cause I received that Selena comment from someone with this username…

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      1. Oh yes, I have no issues if you write seven word stories!
        Yes, I used that name before, but one day I showed my friends a post and they said it was not mine bcoz I used the name Dwinessa. And i gave a thought to it that it can agaim happen in the future so I changed myself back to Dwinessa 🙈

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  2. Okay so here’s my first impression:

    I found ur blog when you had about 27 followers!
    I didn’t follow you cause I had this weird glitch on WordPress when I had it on my laptop (now I have it on phone) so I told you I wouldn’t be able to follow! Then later sometime you found me on a persons wp community as you thought I followed that person. It was community for the people who LIKED her post! I tried explaining it to you but you didn’t trust me (hope you trust me now!) then that day I thought enough, I switched it to my phone and thought maybe I can follow you! I eventually did! But I was very annoyed at you! I was kind of hating you 😂! But now I really don’t ♥️
    Then eventually your blog grew and I loved 🥰 it! I was happy on the decision I made to follow you. But today also I kind of feel bad that you didn’t trust me 😭😂👏🏻👏🏻

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      1. Oh god Ananya my dear! I don’t Hate you at all! I ha be no grudges against you ♥️
        Sorry if I hurt you!
        I don’t have anything else

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  3. Oh I forgot how we met, I’m such a 😩 but I remember the first expression😉 I thought you are the one who’s having the whole fun in blogosphere 😂 You seemed like tension free and not knowing what you’re doing. But I respected you a lot (I still do) because of your fantastic growth.
    What I think of you now: I think you feel good to see a smile on people’s face. You’re one of my closest friends here and I love ya for that❤

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  4. Initially-
    A genuine follower who supports my work……. A little bit formal to me…
    A cheerful, bubbly girl , shares hilarious stories in hilarious ways, a complete “Sharma ji ki ladki” as super talented ….. still formal to me I guess 🤷

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  5. Loved the story!

    Well, I first thought that you’re a kid like someone in class 2 or 3 coz your posts were all so sweet and formal…

    Now, you’re this hillarious pwrson with a sense of humour that is to die for. An amzing blogger who’s posts make me happy♥️

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  6. The seven word story is interesting🌺.
    OK what did I think of Ananya Sharma when I first met her🤔?
    I remember we talked when you were murdering French😁😆. When we followed each other, I thought you’d be one of those inactive followers. You know those followers that don’t like,comment or read they just follow to gain a follow in return. But then I got to know you and I now see that you are an A-M-A-ZING person😍! You are friendly, creative, delightful, cheerful and funny. Quite savage too🤭. I can really say that I have grown to like you Ananya Sharma😊😁❤

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  7. My first impression of you is that you were one of those people who just spammed people to gain a follower, which I guess is sorta true, since it is practically impossible to gain so many followers in such a short time….. and I ain’t the only person saying this.
    I also thought you would be inactive on my blog after a few weeks of following, which again is kinda true.
    I did enjoy your initial posts, but they had too many grammatical errors, which irritate me ALOT, so I didnt follow 🙂
    But your posts these days…. are something else altogether
    Yeah, that’s it, no offence though

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    1. Hey no! It’s not true! She doesn’t spam! The reason she has so many followers is because she reads people’s blog and reviews them honestly! And of course her content is marvellous!
      No offence to you Riddhi ♥️♥️

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      1. Oh none taken Riya, it’s just that she liked my almost all of my posts a long time ago, and not a single comment was there! It’s just my experience, maybe yours was different….

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  8. Hi! I see that you have followed my first blog. Please follow my second blog too there I design things 100%free related to wordpress and other than it too! and I am asking all to send there bitmoji’s for a collage and I will link it to their blogs, kind of shout out so if u like u can send me too!

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  9. Ok, first thing…..amazing story!
    I’m kinda the opposite…never ready to face the consequences in fact….I don’t even think abt the consequences at times😂
    My first impression was….hey…I don’t remember it XD….all I remember is I was the first follower. #proud #nicechoice #bestfrands #meow

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  10. Ok, so I don’t really remember how we met. But I do remember checking out your blog. The claps thing and the X years thing and all. I remember you, Akriti and Nehal talking and I joined ur convo for a while. You seemed fun! We found a common ground thro BTS and I was so happy to meet you. I started calling you sistah and u started calling me the same. Then, we became better friends thro hangouts. Then, I don’t know. We became better friends and the word sistah evolved to be behena. I started loving your StoryTime. And my opinion about you hasn’t changed much. But 1 thing. I think the hangouts you and the blogger you is different. I like the hangouts you a lot more. I might have given you some advise and I hope you are not offended by it. Anyways, my overall impression on you is: FUn :D!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to think that it would become quiet ‘informal’ if I become that Hangouts me…but I will try…and yeah I took no offences and I could not reply back cause of the many changes in my life and my health issues….

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