Tippani Time With Ananya EP-03 | Living Proof by Camila Cabello

One day, I was Ananya and Sharma was my surname.I was a girl and my Lappu was *awkward silence for a few seconds*. I can't do this. Long story cut short, I was randomly browsing Youtube and watching music videos.I don't do that often but one day I was so damn bored so I gave... Continue Reading →

I need your help!

Namaskaaar! I know that I have not been active on WP or read any of your posts, my apologies.I am slowly making progress and giving a glance at my blog once after a lifetime, and I just found out that WE HAVE HIT 400+ FREAKING FOLLOWERS!!!! *plays Naach Ke Paagal in the background* I remember... Continue Reading →

Butter by BTS

Smooth like butterLike a criminal undercoverGon' pop like troubleBreakin' into your heart like that (Ooh)Cool shade stunnerYeah, I owe it all to my motherHot like summerYeah, I'm makin' you sweat like thatBreak it down Oh, when I look in the mirrorI'll melt your heart into twoI got that superstar glow so (Ooh)Do the boogie like... Continue Reading →

Let’s Memez | Reacting To Xavier Memes

Ahoy-hoy!! Disclaimer:-This post contains too much savageness and bad jokes so please be cautious and proceed at your own risk. Thank you! Today after eternities we will be reacting to memes!! First off, let me tell you who Xavier is. Xavier is the star of the world of memes and Youtube. He is known for... Continue Reading →

Ayo Ladies And Gentlemen!

Disclaimer:It's...just for fun hehe Ahoy-hoy humans and robots(if any)...It has been a while(ARMYs gotcha red-handed) since I wrote a post and honsetly,I miss blogging a lot.I am much better,thanks to your warm-wishes but I am feeling quiet bored.My school is shut and we are having summer vacations but I am not enjoying these holidays at... Continue Reading →

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