Tippani Time With Ananya EP-01:Peaches by Justin Bieber,Giveon and Daniel Caesar

Ahoy-hoy!!! Today I am introducing a new feature on blog...again..duh. This time it's Tippani Time With Ananya where I would be giving my 'Tippani' (comments better say opinions) on songs,books and movies.....So Tippani on songs will be like rain in Cherrapunji (always/mostly), books will be like rain in Rajasthan(not frequent) and movies will be like... Continue Reading →

Answering Weird Questions About ‘I’ On Google

Ahoy-hoy!! I was just randomly browsing through GIFs and my reaction after seeing this GIF was... I seriously love this Gif!!!!lol Anyway,today I will answer weird searches about 'I'..(Here I is the third person not the first one)...without further ado let's begin answering!! #1.Why I don't have a girlfriend? I did not have to mention... Continue Reading →

Answering Weird Searches About Bloggers!!

Ahoy-hoy!! I got this amazing idea from Riddhi@Whispering Stories's post....kudos to her and I modified it a bit and made it 'bloggers' from 'readers'... Hope you guys would like this post!!Let's start answering!! #1. Why Bloggers Fail? I did not get that question correctly...like in what do bloggers fail?Academics,sports,financially etc.As the question is half,I would... Continue Reading →

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