I need your help!

Namaskaaar! I know that I have not been active on WP or read any of your posts, my apologies.I am slowly making progress and giving a glance at my blog once after a lifetime, and I just found out that WE HAVE HIT 400+ FREAKING FOLLOWERS!!!! *plays Naach Ke Paagal in the background* I remember... Continue Reading →

Butter by BTS

Smooth like butterLike a criminal undercoverGon' pop like troubleBreakin' into your heart like that (Ooh)Cool shade stunnerYeah, I owe it all to my motherHot like summerYeah, I'm makin' you sweat like thatBreak it down Oh, when I look in the mirrorI'll melt your heart into twoI got that superstar glow so (Ooh)Do the boogie like... Continue Reading →

Ayo Ladies And Gentlemen!

Disclaimer:It's...just for fun hehe Ahoy-hoy humans and robots(if any)...It has been a while(ARMYs gotcha red-handed) since I wrote a post and honsetly,I miss blogging a lot.I am much better,thanks to your warm-wishes but I am feeling quiet bored.My school is shut and we are having summer vacations but I am not enjoying these holidays at... Continue Reading →

Corona Ain’t Gone!

Ahoy-hoy!! This post is something which I have never done before...This is something real serious and I want you all to be there with me till the end. Corona cases are increasing rapidly again..In India 1,15,736 or 115,736 case have been reported today and if we turn back and look at the cases which were... Continue Reading →

Introducing Something Brand-New!!

Ahoy-hoy!!! Guys sorry for not posting on Wednesday cause I was travelling the whole day.... I came up with a really fun series.....I saw many bloggers interviewing other bloggers and I really liked the idea as it helps the readers know better about the bloggers that's why I am introducing to you guys: It's not... Continue Reading →

Here I come kickin’ the door,uh~~

Last time Lose You To Love Me...this time let's kill this love! Ahoy-hoy!!! Translation:Won't you welcome me/us? Guys I am back!!!!!!!Sorry for the violent entry but yeah I am back!!!! I missed blogging and you guys a lot....I know you did not miss me but that's fine.... 🙂 A Few Life Updates: 1.From 1st March... Continue Reading →

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