Tippani Time With Ananya EP-03 | Living Proof by Camila Cabello

One day, I was Ananya and Sharma was my surname.I was a girl and my Lappu was *awkward silence for a few seconds*. I can't do this. Long story cut short, I was randomly browsing Youtube and watching music videos.I don't do that often but one day I was so damn bored so I gave... Continue Reading →

When You Return To The Blogosphere But It’s Not Diwali ft.What’s Going On In My Life?

Ahoy-hoy! (I bet you are hearing reading this word after a long time) Today is the auspicious day of...30th April and on this day I, Ananya Sharma, the sole monarch of Drawing My Fantasies Kingdom, officially end my hiatus and get back to work!JAI MAHISHMATHI! I am missed you guys 3000 (Iron Man!!) and I... Continue Reading →

Zodiac Music+Book Tag+The Talent’s Tag

Ahoy-hoy!!! Today I am doing the Zodiac Music+Book tag!I was tagged by Pannaga@Just Dreamlad who is the creator as well!!!I wanted to do this tag since a long time and finally I am doing this tag!!!!Thanks a billion million to Pannaga!!I am a Taurean,loving caring and loyal (as per my zodiac sign) Rules: Link back... Continue Reading →

300+ Follows Wali Pawri!!!

Yeh Main hoon......Yeh WordPress hai....Aur aaj humari If you guys don't know then lemme tell you that on 26th this blog hit 300+ followers!!!!!!! and I asked you guys to ASK ME some questions for Q AND A and I got a really good response!!!!Thank you guys!!!! There was some kind of a competition which... Continue Reading →

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