It’s My Birthday Today! | Age Reveal!?

Ahoy-hoy! Today is my birthday!!!!!!! Today on 7th May, I was born! I have successfully completed another year on this Earth, I really have no clue how but I did! This post is really late, but I have an explanation.I got lots and lots of calls from my relatives, who call once a year.And trust... Continue Reading →

Seven Words Story #1+A bit future planning?

Ahoy-hoy!!! I have been seeing the Seven Words Story trend all over the web and I really like these stories as they say a lot just in a few words...So here I am trying my luck and writing a Seven Word Story and I hope you enjoy!!! She was always ready for the consequences. Shoutout:... Continue Reading →

300+ Follows Wali Pawri!!!

Yeh Main hoon......Yeh WordPress hai....Aur aaj humari If you guys don't know then lemme tell you that on 26th this blog hit 300+ followers!!!!!!! and I asked you guys to ASK ME some questions for Q AND A and I got a really good response!!!!Thank you guys!!!! There was some kind of a competition which... Continue Reading →

100 + Followers Jalsa!!!

Ahoy-hoy!! Finally the day has come..when we willl celebrate 100+ follows!!I know I am very very late in making this post..(now this blog has 155+ followers) but let's consider it to be 100 only and let's begin the party!!! First of all I want to thank all of you for supporting me since the start!!!...that's... Continue Reading →

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