I need your help!

Namaskaaar! I know that I have not been active on WP or read any of your posts, my apologies.I am slowly making progress and giving a glance at my blog once after a lifetime, and I just found out that WE HAVE HIT 400+ FREAKING FOLLOWERS!!!! *plays Naach Ke Paagal in the background* I remember... Continue Reading →

When You Return To The Blogosphere But It’s Not Diwali ft.What’s Going On In My Life?

Ahoy-hoy! (I bet you are hearing reading this word after a long time) Today is the auspicious day of...30th April and on this day I, Ananya Sharma, the sole monarch of Drawing My Fantasies Kingdom, officially end my hiatus and get back to work!JAI MAHISHMATHI! I am missed you guys 3000 (Iron Man!!) and I... Continue Reading →

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