Answering Weird Questions About Indians On Google!!

Ahoy-hoy!! It has been soooo long since I posted...I really missed blogging and now I am back!!regular posts will be there I promise!! Do watch all the videos,gifs and other things in the website for the best viewing experience!! You guys showed a lot of love and gave 62+ likes to my post Answering Weird... Continue Reading →

Tags/Awards for January + Surprise!!

Ahoy-hoy!! Finally I am doing an 'award post'.I thought of suming them all up as there were many,many.I am really sorry for doing this post so late.Now onwards I plan to take up all the tags and awards for the month at the end of the month and so on...Please be till the end as... Continue Reading →

For Moi Tag!!

Ahoy-hoy!! I found this really amazing tag on Recipe of life by Akriti(Do check it out it is amazing)Lemme tell what is this tag all about What is this tag about? We maintain a fake image on social media. And I think all will agree with this. It’s not our fault though, we do it... Continue Reading →

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