When You Accidentally hit 300+ Followers!!+Q AND A 2.0

Ahoy-hoy!!!!! Again you guys have given me another reason to celebrate!!!!!We have hit 300+ followers on WP!!! And I have not received any badge from WP for hitting 300+ follows...do we get a badge for 300+ followers?do lemme know!!!! Let's Be Thankful: I want to thank a few of my friends who have supported me... Continue Reading →

100 + Followers Jalsa!!!

Ahoy-hoy!! Finally the day has come..when we willl celebrate 100+ follows!!I know I am very very late in making this post..(now this blog has 155+ followers) but let's consider it to be 100 only and let's begin the party!!! First of all I want to thank all of you for supporting me since the start!!!...that's... Continue Reading →

50+ Followers Party All Night!!

Ahoy-hoy!! I am very happy to see you here at this celebration aka party!! First let's have our Q AND A!!Thank you for sending in such sweet questions(and a juicy one)!! Know me better~~~ Questions from Poorwa@Poorwa's Blog: #1. How old are you? See,I told you at the very begining of this journey at I... Continue Reading →

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