Let’s Memez | Reacting To Xavier Memes

Ahoy-hoy!! Disclaimer:-This post contains too much savageness and bad jokes so please be cautious and proceed at your own risk. Thank you! Today after eternities we will be reacting to memes!! First off, let me tell you who Xavier is. Xavier is the star of the world of memes and Youtube. He is known for... Continue Reading →

Switchin’ My Playlist With You-Collab With Saumya+An Important Announcement

Ahoy-hoy guys! Today's post is a special one cause for this post I have collaborated with Saumya@Draw-Write-Inspire!!!...Don't forget to check out her blog and give it a follow! So for this collab,we decided to switch our playlists for 5 days and hear the songs which the other person likes and that experience was amazing.Saumya and... Continue Reading →

Zodiac Music+Book Tag+The Talent’s Tag

Ahoy-hoy!!! Today I am doing the Zodiac Music+Book tag!I was tagged by Pannaga@Just Dreamlad who is the creator as well!!!I wanted to do this tag since a long time and finally I am doing this tag!!!!Thanks a billion million to Pannaga!!I am a Taurean,loving caring and loyal (as per my zodiac sign) Rules: Link back... Continue Reading →

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