When You Try To Be Sane In Online Classes ft.Chanakya Niti(School Diaries #3)

Ahoy-hoy!! You guys yet again showed a lot of love to the previous part When You Try To Play Holi in Behen Ji's Terror so I made another part and it is EXCLUSIVELY about Online Classes.. ONLINE CLASSES----the classes which we dreamt for during OFFLINE CLASSES.....where we can attend classes by lying on a bed... Continue Reading →

When You Try To Play Holi In Behen-Ji’s Terror (School Diaries #2)

Ahoy-hoy!! I only demanded for 25+ likes and you guys gave 73+ likes to the first part of School Diaries which is That One School Friend Everyone Has/Had so I had to post this part...I was really-really excited for this StoryTime and here it is finally!!.. Note:It is just a joke and I by no... Continue Reading →

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