About Me


About Me

Hey Guys!!My name is Ananya Sharma and I am an Indian student.I am a very talkative person and can talk on any topic for hours.I love share my experiences,short stories written by me(I loove writing),and much more!!I am an ambivert and sometimes an introvert.Blogging has now become a part of my life and I love doing it!!

More About Me:

If you are still here it means you wanna know me more…No problems I will tell you more about my life.I was born in Mumbai(Ikr Anu Mallik would be very proud of me LOL) I am curently living in New Delhi,India.I am a lazy hardworking person,yes we do exist..lol.I love to share my thoughts with people and blogging helps me to do it with people all across the world!!

If you are new and have not followed my blog, do it right now!!(do not be lazy like me LOL)

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